A 5-Second test allows you to add a static image to present to your testers.

A 5-Second test is a great way to test user recall, measuring what information users take away and what impressions they get within the first five seconds of viewing a design.

How to add a 5-Second testing block

Open your draft maze or create a new one.
In the draft maze, choose 5-Second Test from the list of blocks.
Import an image or pull a screen in from your prototype. Maze supports JPG, PNG, or GIF files.
Select the duration testers will view the image. This ranges from 5 to 20 seconds.
Remember to add a question after your 5-Second Test for best results!

5-Second Test

5-Second tests are suitable for determining the user's first impressions. Questions can include:
What is the purpose of the page?
What are the main elements you can recall?
Who do you think the intended audience is?
Did the design/brand appear trustworthy?
What was your impression of the design?

A 5-Second test can help determine if your design is effectively communicating its primary message.
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