Click heatmaps provide a detailed understanding of testers' behavior on the screens in your prototype. Read on to learn how they work.

What are click heatmaps in Maze?

A click heatmap is a representation of clicks on a particular screen. Maze allows you to see the exact click position of each tester on screen. Once you're viewing a click heatmap, you can filter the information you see to only display clicks and testers you need.

To get click heatmaps in Maze, you need to test your maze with testers and then access the results dashboard of your maze.

Aggregated heatmaps vs. tester heatmaps

Maze records aggregated heatmaps and individual tester heatmaps.

Aggregated heatmaps are recorded for testers who complete your maze via paths for each mission outcome: direct success, indirect success or give up/bounce. You can find these heatmaps under the tab Aggregated paths.

Aggregated paths and heatmaps

Tester heatmaps are recorded for each tester that completes a mission in your maze. You can view these heatmaps under the tab Tester paths in your mission results.

Tester heatmaps

TIP: to move between screens, testers, and paths use your keyboard arrows.

⇆ to go to the previous or next screen/path/tester
⇅ to move to the next screen in a path or tester heatmap

How to filter the information on your click heatmaps

Filter clicks and testers

Filter the clicks and testers on a click heatmap using the top navigation bar. Click on the dropdown and choose to display:

All or selected clicks from testers

This option allows you to display clicks by the order they were performed by testers. In addition, you can also see how many testers performed every click type.

All or selected testers

This option allows you to display only the testers you need for review. In addition, you can also view information about every tester:

- ID
- Duration: time spent on screen
- Clicks: the number of clicks performed on this screen by the tester
- Misclicks: the number of misclicks performed on this screen by the tester

View options

There are three ways to view a click heatmap:

Heatmap: a graphic representation of clicks on a screen
Clicks: actual click position for each click on a screen
Image: a plain image of a screen

You can save image files of every click heatmap to your device.

Click areas

Use Click areas to create particular areas on your heatmap that show clicks, misclicks and the order of the clicks performed by testers. The areas you create will appear on the right side of the screen.

To create a Click area, click and drag on the screen. You may create as many areas as you need.

The click areas you create will include the number of clicks, misclicks, and the clicks’ order with the tester ID.

To delete a click area, click "Delete" in the top right corner of a click area box.

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