A mission is a task testers have to complete. To create a mission, you have to define the following: a title, a description, and a path.

The title defines the mission purpose.
The description gives a general instruction.
The path is the expected path you expect users to take; it will serve as the benchmark against which success is measured.

In order to get the most accurate results, there are certain best practices to follow when creating missions. Here’s what you should keep in mind when defining mission titles.

Make it clear

The title is the first thing that testers will read at the start of each mission. You should use language that is clear and understandable.
Keep in mind your testers when writing mission titles: who they are and how familiar are they with your app or website.

If you’re testing with a general audience, avoid your internal company language.


“Create a Maze” may be unclear for people who are not familiar with Maze. Whereas “Create a test” is generally better understood.

Keep it short

Mission titles, like all titles, should be kept as short as possible. Anything that is an additional detail should be included in the description.


1.Locate the place on the map
2.Change password
3.Filter list selection
4.Create a profile

Define an action

The title mission should define the mission purpose. Because a mission is a task that needs to be completed, the title should prescribe an action to be taken. Use verbs to give instructions.

Example of action verbs:

Complete, write, create, go to, subscribe, add, filter, etc.

Don’t make missions (titles) too complex

As a recommended practice, it’s better to write a short, straightforward title than a detailed or complex one. This will depend on your prototype and what you’re testing, but generally a short title like "Accept friend request from X" is better than "You're looking at your profile. Accept the friend request you got in your notifications."

If you want to know how to write a good mission description, check out our best practices for mission descriptions.
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