A mission is a task your testers will have to complete. To create a mission, you have to define a title, a description, and the expected path(s).

The title defines the user goal
The description gives a general instruction
The expected path is the path you want users to take. It will serve as the benchmark against which success is measured. You can add as many paths as needed.

To get the most accurate results, there are certain best practices to follow when creating missions. Here are three tips for writing mission titles.

1. Write clearly

The title is the first thing that testers will read when they begin a mission. You should use language that is clear and easy to understand. Keep in mind your testers when writing mission titles: who they are and how familiar they are with your product.

Unless you're testing your UI copy, avoid your internal company language.

For example:

Create a maze

Create a test

The first example may be unclear for people not familiar with Maze.

2. Keep 'em short

Mission titles should be kept as short as possible. Anything that is a detail should be included in the mission description.


1.Locate the place on the map
2.Change password
3.Filter list selection
4.Create a profile

3. Define an action

The mission title should define the mission goal. Because a mission is a task that needs to be completed, the title usually describes an action to be taken by testers. Use verbs to give instructions.

Examples of action verbs:

Complete, write, create, go to, subscribe, add, filter, etc.

Check out our best practices for writing mission descriptions.
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