If you need to display an image while asking participants a question, you can do so easily in Maze.

How to proceed

Create a question block. Choose from Multiple Choice, Opinion Scale, Yes/No, or Open Questions.
Toggle the switch for Image on
Upload an image from your device. Maze supports GIF, PNG, and JPG files.
Preview how your question and image will look like on the left.

In the user testing interface, the image will be displayed on the left side and the question on the right. If you want to see this in action, simply click Preview in the top menu of the maze creation dashboard.

How the image and question look side by side in the user testing interface

Use cases: When to display images and questions together

Design Surveys: You can use this option to conduct surveys while showing your designs to users. You can collect open-ended user feedback by asking what users think about a particular screen or design.

Analyze copy in a design: Another great use case for showing an image while asking a question is testing the copy on a page. For instance, you can identify if your copy works or if it's easy to understand by asking participants to read the text and then say what they think the page is about. Similarly, you can ask how the copy makes them feel by identifying what words spring to mind when they first see a design.

Test visual or graphical elements: Another valuable use case for showing an image with a question is testing if an illustration, an image, an icon, etc., evokes the right reaction from users. Visual elements are essential aspects of design, and testing them with participants allows you to know if they bring your message home and appeal to users.
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