Get started with Maze with this step-by-step guide below.

Create an account on Maze.

Import your prototype. Learn how to import your InVision, Marvel, or Sketch prototype.

When you import your prototype, Maze automatically creates a project based on your prototype. A project can include one or more Mazes.

Now it's time to create your Maze! Define missions for testers to complete.

Learn more about defining missions and creating your first Maze.

When you finished creating missions, click the Start Testing button in the upper right corner or use the Preview button to view your Maze. In Options you can change the end message of the Maze.

Please note, previewing doesn't record any interactions with your Maze. Click "Start Testing" to record interactions.

If you're on the Team or Enterprise plan, you can also customize your Maze.

By clicking on I understand, send my Maze live, a link to your Maze will be created.

Start recording testing sessions

Make sure you're completely happy with your Maze before starting testing, as you won't be able to edit it anymore.

Copy the link to share it with your testers. In Your link options section, you have access to a selection of testing choices for your Maze:

No tracking: this will not record any interactions or results of a tester. Useful for sharing your Maze with co-workers or friends.
No feedback: this will remove the feedback form at the end of a Maze.
Guerrilla: this allows you to test with multiple participants on the same device.

If your testers are new to the concept of user testing, here's how to introduce Maze to them.

Once testers finished testing your Maze, the results will be shown in your dashboard. Find out more about reading the results dashboard.

You can test with your own participants or recruit testers for your Maze using our testers panel. Read more about it in our article.

Last but not least, consult our glossary for a list of frequently used terms in Maze and their definition.
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