Get started with Maze with this step-by-step guide below.

Create an account

Sign up on Maze with your email address. When you sign up, you'll receive a verification email. Click on the verification link in your email and verify your account.

Import a prototype

To start testing with Maze, you have to import a prototype. Maze supports InVision, Marvel, and Sketch prototypes.

Learn how to import your InVision, Marvel, or Sketch prototype.

When you import a prototype, a project will automatically be created. A project is based on a prototype link and can include more than one tests based on different variations of your prototype. We call these tests: mazes.

Create your maze

A maze includes a list of missions for your testers to complete. A mission is a task that you have to define by setting a title, a description, and the expected path to success.

Read our detailed guide to creating your first maze.

Maze options

You can edit the settings of your maze in Options. To access your maze options, click on the wheel sign in the top corner.

Maze Options

Here are the options available for a maze:

Change intro image: set a custom image for your maze
Change intro title: set a custom title for your maze
Change end message: edit the message at the end of your maze

Learn more about customizing your maze.

Password protection: set a password to protect your maze
Recording: stop or restart recording interactions with your maze
Delete your maze.


When you create your maze, you can view what the testing interface will look like before starting testing. Click on Preview to check your maze.

Please note, previewing your maze doesn't record interactions. To start recording interactions, move to the next step.

Start testing

When you're ready to begin testing, click on Start Testing. This will set your maze live. Make sure you're completely happy with your maze before starting testing because you won't be able to edit it when it's live.

By clicking on I understand, send my maze live, your maze will be ready for testing.

Start recording tester interactions

Testing your maze

Testing your maze

Now that your maze is live, it can be tested and all interactions with it will be available. There are three ways to get your maze tested:

Copy your link - share your maze with your own testers.
Hire testers - order results from our curated panel. Learn more about recruiting testers from our panel.
Social networks - share your maze on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Link options

Link options

There are three options for your maze link. To access these options, click on Copy your link.

Tester tracking - record every interaction your testers perform with your maze
Receive feedback - display a form at the end of your maze to receive feedback
Unique session - allow only one unique session per tester device.

You can also add parameters to your maze link to record custom metadata about individual sessions. Learn more.


When testers begin testing your maze, the results will start showing in your dashboard. You can access your results on the Live maze page.


Find out how to read your results dashboard.

Your maze report

View your maze report

In addition to your results, Maze automatically creates a report for you to review and share with your colleagues, executives, and stakeholders. Read more about your maze report.

A report is created for every maze tested with at least one participant.

Now that you're a Maze pro, create your maze to start testing.
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