Average Duration

The average duration measures the average time testers took to complete the mission via a specific path.


The bounce metric measures testers who left the test.


A collaborator is a person who you work with on your project. You can invite your colleague, client, or any other stakeholder to a project, share the results of a Maze or work on a test together.

Find out how to add collaborators to your account. Please note, this is a paid plan feature only.

Direct success

Direct success measures testers who completed a mission via the expected path.

Draft Maze

A draft Maze is a test that is in draft mode, i.e., that you can edit as needed. If you share the link of a draft Maze, it won't record any results. To start recording interactions, send your Maze live by clicking on Start Testing.

Expected Path

The expected path is the path you expect users to take during a mission. This path should be defined for each mission. The expected path is the benchmark against which the success metric is measured.

Give up

Give up measures testers who gave up on a mission.

Guerilla Testing

Guerilla testing is a method of testing your prototype with strangers, usually in a public place. Maze allows you to conduct guerilla testing sessions by switching on the toggle for Guerilla in Your Link Options.

To learn more about guerilla testing with Maze, check out our article.


A heatmap is a representation of clicks on a particular screen. Maze allows you to see the exact click position of a tester for every screen in your prototype.


A hotspot is a clickable area on a prototype screen. To be able to define a path in Maze, your prototype should have hotspots. Hotspots should be defined in the prototyping tool of your choice before importing your prototype to Maze.

Indirect Success

Indirect success measures testers who completed a mission via another path than the expected one.

Live Maze

A Live Maze is a test that is active and records user interactions.


Maze is the official business name of the company. However, a Maze is also the name we gave to the test you create and share with your testers.

Maze Link

Each Maze has a link (URL) that you can send to your testers. You can find this link either in Draft mode when you preview your Maze, or after sending your Maze live.

Every Maze link has this format: t.maze.design/XXXXXX

Misclick Rate

Misclick rate measures clicks outside hotspots on every path.


A mission is a task that a tester has to complete. It includes a title, a description, and an expected path. A Maze can have one or more missions. A mission is considered complete once the tester reaches the last screen of the expected path.


A project is created by importing a prototype. A project can include one or more Mazes based on different versions of your prototype.


A prototype is a working example or an interactive demo of what a product will look like. A prototype allows you to test a design concept and use it to iterate before development. For our purposes, each Maze is based on a prototype.

Prototype Link

Each prototype has its own link that you can use to import it to Maze. Read more about where to find your link and how to import an InVision, Marvel, or Sketch prototype.

Results Dashboard

The results dashboard is where all results appear after testers have completed your test. You can see the results of a Maze by clicking on it.

Find out how to read your results dashboard.

Send Live

When you click on "Start Testing" in a draft Maze, you send your Maze live - it will record all interactions with it. If you don’t send your Maze live, it will not record any tester interactions.

Warning: it's not possible to edit your Maze after sending it live to avoid skewed results. If you want to edit a Live Maze, duplicate it and send it live again.

Split Testing

Split testing is a method of testing two variations of a design to learn which one performs best.

Read more about split testing with Maze.


A tester is a person who takes your test. All interactions a tester has with a prototype are recorded in the results dashboard.

If you don't want to record interactions, please enable No tracking in your link options available after you send your Maze live.

Testers Hiring

Testers Hiring is a Maze service that allows you to recruit testers directly via Maze. It's available for all plans.

For more details about Testers Hiring, check out this article.
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