Maze allows you to record custom metadata on individual sessions, such as name, gender, email etc. by adding parameters to your maze URL.

Maze uses a simple nomenclature to help you record data.

This is an example of a maze test URL:

And this is the same test URL with custom parameters:

By sending the second URL to a tester, we will record the following additional information:

Name: John
Gender: Male

You can chain as many parameters as you want: we will automatically associate the data with your tester.

Once your tester completed a mission, you will be able to see this data by clicking the "+ more info" button in the Tester tab of the Results dashboard.

See customer metadata for individual sessions

The parameters id, createdAt and userId are already in use. Please don't use them as they won't register your information.

If you want a detailed explanation on how to read the dashboard and all the accumulated data, read our guide about it.
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