What is guerilla testing?

Guerilla testing is a method of testing your prototype with strangers, usually in a public place. It involves asking passersby to test your website or app.

How to conduct guerilla testing with Maze?

Import your Marvel, InVision, or Sketch prototype.

Read our documentation on getting started and creating your first Maze.

Create missions based on your prototype.

Consult our best practices for writing mission titles and mission descriptions.

When you're done, send your Maze live.

Be sure you're completely happy with your Maze, as you won't be able to edit missions anymore.

On the Live screen, switch on the Guerilla toggle in Your link options.

Enable guerilla in Your link options

You can now test with multiple participants using the same device.

To start a new testing session, just refresh the page once someone has finished testing. This will restart your Maze and allow you to test with the next participant, recording the new session separately.
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