What is a maze?

A maze is a succession of missions and questions for testers to complete. To create a maze, you have to import a prototype. This will create a new project with a draft maze inside. You can import new versions of your prototype inside the same project to create new mazes.

We support Figma, InVision, Marvel, and Sketch prototypes.

How do I create a maze?

You build your maze out of blocks. A block can be a mission, a question, or a context screen. When you finish creating a maze with the blocks you want, you have to send your maze live to begin testing.

We give you a unique link for each maze. You can share it with your own testers or hire testers from our panel.


Copy the link of your prototype and paste it in the entry box in your Maze dashboard. This will create a new project with a draft maze inside. You'll then be able to build the draft maze as you wish.

Create a project using your prototype link

Here are step-by-step guides on how to import a Figma, InVision, Marvel or Sketch prototype.

Build your maze by adding new blocks. You can add a series of missions to collect quantitative usability data and also ask questions to get answers from testers. Each maze has to include at least one mission as this is the basis of testing your prototype with Maze.

Read our short guide to learn more about each block type available for you.

Define options for your maze.

Options for your maze
Here are the options available for a maze:

Set a password: you can set a password to control access to your maze. Only people you share your password with will be able to test your maze.
Scaled prototype: your prototype is scaled by default on desktop and tablet for a full-screen experience. You can disable this behavior by switching the toggle off.
Delay success message: you can add a period of time (ms) that will delay the success page when testers complete missions.

Also here you'll be able to delete your maze or stop recording when it's live.

Preview: When you're done creating your maze, you can preview how it looks by clicking on the Preview button in the top right corner. This will allow you to see how your testers will experience your maze without recording any data.

When you're happy with your maze, click Start Testing in the top right corner. This will send your maze live and create a link that you can share with your testers. You'll also be able to hire testers from our panel.

Note: Make sure you're completely happy with your maze, as you won't be able to edit it once you start testing. We don't allow editing a live maze to avoid misleading results based on the changed variable(s).

Start testing

Tip! If you need to edit a live maze, you can duplicate it, make the changes, and send it live again.

Your maze results

When you start testing your maze with people, results will appear in your maze dashboard. To learn more about the data you collect, read this guide on understanding your maze results.
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