Duplicating a maze creates a new one with the same missions, descriptions, and expected paths you've previously set.

Tip! If you've already sent your maze live but want to make edits to it, you can duplicate it, make the desired changes and send it live again.

Here's how to proceed

Go to your Maze projects
Open your project
When you hover over a maze, you'll notice a pages icon on the right side
Click on the duplicate icon and it will automatically create a new maze in Drafts

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How to duplicate a maze

Common Questions Answered

Duplicating a maze is different from importing a new version of your prototype. Whereas duplicating creates a new maze and copies all existing missions, importing a new version creates a new maze from scratch without any missions.

Importing a new version is useful when you've made changes to your prototype outside Maze and want to create a new maze using the new version of your prototype. You can also run split testing using this feature.

If you've updated your prototype outside maze and have already created missions, you can refresh your prototype. This will keep any missions you've already worked on and update the prototype in Maze.
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