Your Sketch file should contain a Flow AND a Start screen otherwise you won't be able to create a maze.

For Sketch to recognise your file as a prototype, ensure that you have defined a starting screen by selecting the 'Use Artboard as Start Point' setting.

Select Prototype from the menu
Ensure you have selected 'Use Artboard as Start Point'
Go to your Sketch Cloud account to see the list of your Sketch prototypes
Navigate into the Sketch file
Click on the Settings icon in the top right corner of your prototype

Set the sharing settings to Anyone with the link and people you've invited
Click on Save Changes
Now you can select the link to your prototype
Sketch Prototype link
Copy the link of the prototype and paste it in Maze

Watch the video tutorial here

Fixed Elements
We don't currently support fixed elements in Sketch. Please read more about this here before getting started.
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