Introducing your maze and product to testers is important for creating a good testing experience and getting valuable results.

The concept of prototyping and user testing may be unfamiliar to some testers and occasionally they may find themselves confused by the testing process.

Customizing the Welcome Screen and using a Context Screen where necessary will help your testers understand what's required of them and what's about to happen. We've found this to be useful for remote testing, giving your testers an onboarding experience without the need to call or email them all the instructions.

1. Customize the Welcome Screen

You can edit the Welcome Screen with your own message and image. Here, you can share information about your company, your product, or the testing sessions. The Welcome Screen is the first screen testers will see--a nice opportunity to engage testers right away!

A few ideas on what you can include:

Company name
Feature you're testing
Type of testing: early testing, usability testing, user testing session, remote testing and so on.
Greeting: Hello, Welcome etc.
Other general details

Default Welcome Screen. You can customize the left side of the screen

How to proceed

Go to Maze
Open your project and the maze you want to edit
Click on Welcome Screen in the blocks menu
Toggle the Customize screen switch on
Edit screen

2. Add a context screen to your maze

If you want to offer more information to testers before the missions and questions begin, you can add a Context Screen to the beginning of your maze. Use this screen to share the information you think your testers will find useful or need to know before they start.

Give testers context with an extra screen

How to proceed

Go to Maze
Open your project and the maze you want to edit
Choose Context Screen from the blocks menu and add it to your maze
Write a title and a description
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