Split testing, also known as A/B testing, is a method of testing two variations of a design to see which one performs better.

You can perform split testing with your prototype using Maze. To get started, use the instructions below and read our blog post for additional tips on A/B testing your design with Maze.

With split testing, the aim is to test a single variable to learn how it affects overall performance.

Tip! To get the most out of split testing, establish the metric you'll be measuring before you start testing. E.g., you could improve a call-to-action (CTA)'s click rate by testing two variations of the CTA button.

How to proceed

You can do split testing in Maze in two ways:

By using the Import new prototype version feature
By using the duplicate feature.

If your missions are the same for both tests (recommended), then use the duplicate feature to do split testing as explained in Option two below.

Option one

Go to your Maze projects.

Import your prototype. This will create a new draft maze—version one (or A) of your test.

Go back to the prototyping tool you used to create your prototype and make changes to the same prototype to create a new test version.

We recommend changing just one single variable so that the testing results are accurate and reflective of that change.

When you finished making the changes, go back to Maze and click on Import new prototype version. This will create a new maze with the changes you made in the tool--version two (or B) of your test.

Import a new version of your prototype

Now that you have two draft mazes—one for every design variation—finish by defining missions for both mazes: write titles, descriptions and set up expected paths. When you’re done, set both mazes live, and start testing.

Tip! For the best results, randomize the selection of testers for each test version.

Option two

For option two, steps (1) and (2) above are the same. Here's how to proceed once you imported the first version of your prototype.

Create your maze by setting up missions for testers to complete. When you're done, set your maze live by clicking on Start testing in the top right corner.

Start testing

Go back to your prototyping tool, and make changes to the design. E.g., change the CTA button to a different color or change copy. Save all changes.

Back in Maze, duplicate the live maze you previously worked on. This will create a new maze with the same missions you set. The new maze will include the latest design changes you made in step (4).

Set your second maze live and start testing.

When testing is done, compare results, and implement the winning design.

Ideas on what you can test

Text: titles, descriptions or calls-to-action (CTAs)
Visual elements: images, icons, colors
User flow: the path taken by the user to move through the prototype
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