When testing with our curated panel, there may be times that you need to delete or report a tester’s session. This could be due to the feedback the tester provided, the lack of attempts to test your prototype, or simply because they didn't meet your requirements.

It's very easy to report a tester and remove the tester session from your results.

How to proceed

First, navigate to the live maze that has the results you want to report.

Once inside your maze, click the Tester tab to see the full list of testers that completed your maze.

Select the tester you’d like to report, and then click the Report Tester option from the three dots menu in the top right. This will pop open a dialog box which allows you to choose the reason for reporting the tester, and to submit any further details.

Our team will review the report, remove that tester from your results, and issue any necessary credits.

Please let us know if you have any other questions!
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