If you've used Figma to design and build a prototype, you can import your Figma prototype into Maze to test your designs with users. Collect actionable design and usability insights to build better products.

How it works

Maze allows you to import your Figma prototype with the prototype share link. Simply copy the Figma Prototype URL and paste it into Maze to start building your test. When you import a Figma prototype into Maze, you only import the Figma Page associated with that prototype.

Importing a Figma Prototype into Maze

In Figma, click the play icon ❯ in the top menu of a Figma File to enter presentation mode

Learn more about Figma Prototyping on the Figma Help Center.
Click on Share Prototype in the top menu to create a share URL
Set the Link Sharing Settings to Anyone with the file link
Copy the link to your clipboard
Now in Maze, paste the link in the Projects Dashboard and click Create project
When pasting the link for the first time, a modal will appear asking you to give access to your Figma files. Click Allow access to import your Figma prototype into Maze. This gives Maze read-only access so you can import your Figma prototypes. You'll only have to do this the first time you import a prototype.

That's it! You can now start drafting your test with blocks of missions and questions. Happy testing!

Learn more about the types of blocks you can use in Maze in this short guide to all block types.

Video tutorial

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