Maze allows only one testing session per tester device by default. However, you can test with multiple users on the same device with one simple feature.

This may be useful for you when doing guerilla usability sessions or testing in-person with multiple participants on a single device.


To enable multiple sessions, you have to set your maze live
On a live maze screen, click on Copy your link
There, toggle off Unique session

How to enable multiple sessions

Done 👌

You can now test with multiple participants using the same device.

To start a new testing session, just refresh the page once a testing session ends. This will restart your maze and allow you to test with the next participant, recording the new session separately.

Testing on mobile or tablet devices

If you want to test on a mobile or tablet device, you can use the Maze PWA to do this very easily. Read more about testing with Maze on mobile devices.
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