A mission is a task for testers to complete. You can create missions to learn what actions users perform in your prototype.

For every mission tested, Maze will give you usability metrics and data you can analyze.

Important! You need to have at least one mission to create your maze.

How to create a mission

Open your draft maze or create a new one. To create a new maze, you can either import a new version of your prototype or import a new project.
In the draft maze, click on Mission in the blocks panel on the left.
Type your title and write a description. The title should set the mission goal: the task you want testers to complete. The description should offer details and set the task scenario.

Read best practices about writing mission titles and descriptions.

Set the expected path you think testers will take. You can set more than one expected path if necessary.

Read more about setting the expected path of a mission.

Add a mission to your maze
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