A Multiple Choice allows you to ask testers a question and offer a list of answer options respondents can choose from.

You can also allow multiple selection if you want testers to be able to choose multiple answers from the list. Learn how to add a Multiple Choice question to your maze.

How to add a Multiple Choice question

Open your draft maze or create a new one. To create a new maze, you can either import a new version of your prototype or import a new project.
In the draft maze, choose Multiple Choice from the list of blocks on the left. Add a Multiple Choice block to your maze.
Type your question and write a longer description (optional).
Write the choices for this question. Press Enter to add a new choice.
In the Type section, choose the selection you want to allow: single-select or multi-select.
Preview how the Multiple Choice question will look on the right side of the draft maze page.

You can use the Multiple Choice question to get quantitative data about users' choices. You can also create customized Likert-type scales with the Multiple Choice block.

Add a Multiple Choice block to your maze
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