With an Opinion Scale you can ask testers to evaluate a statement on a rating scale.

You can use the Opinion Scale to ask testers to express their feelings and collect data about opinions. Learn how to add an Opinion Scale to your maze.

How to add an Opinion Scale

Open your draft maze or create a new one. To create a new maze, you can either import a new version of your prototype or import a new project.
In the draft maze, choose Opinion Scale from the list of blocks on the left side panel. Add an Opinion Scale block to your maze.
Type your question and write a description. The description is optional.
Write down the labels for the left, middle, and right part of the scale.
Adjust the number of steps of the scale as you need. Create a scale from 0 to 10 or start the scale at 1.
Choose the type of scale: numeric, stars, emotions.
Preview how your Opinion Scale will look on the right side of the draft maze page.

Add an opinion scale to your maze
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