Here are the options available for customizing your maze.

You'll find these options under the wheel tab in the top right corner of a maze.

Maze options

Intro screen

Intro image: upload your logo or another image
Intro title: set a title for your maze

Note: These two features are available on all paid plans.

Maze options

End Screen

End message: change the message displayed to testers when they finished testing. You can also insert a link with Markdown.

General options

Password protection: set a password for your maze and control access to it. This option is available on all paid plans.

Scale prototypes: toggle off scaling for your prototype. Maze scales your prototype by default for a more immersive testing experience.

Delayed success: set a delay (ms) for the success effect on a mission

Recording: start or stop recording the data from your testing sessions

Delete: delete your Maze. Note: this will erase all collected results and it can’t be undone.
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