Here are the options available for customizing your maze.

You'll find these options under the gear icon in the top right corner of a maze.

Your maze options

Set a password: you can set a password to control access to your maze. Only people you share your password with will be able to test your maze.
Scaled prototype: your prototype is scaled by default on desktop and tablet for a full-screen experience. You can disable this behavior by switching the toggle off.
Delay success message: you can add a period of time (ms) that will delay the success message ('Mission completed') when testers complete missions.
Recording: this option is available for live mazes only. You can stop or restart the recording of your maze at any time. When you stop recording, your maze will become unavailable.
Delete: you can delete your maze. Please note, this will delete all the data you've already collected. This action is irreversible.
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