Tree testing allows you to test navigation branches, before designing them.

A Tree test is a great way to validate the ease of finding items in your product structure.

How to create a Tree test:

Open your draft Discovery project or create a new one.
In the draft maze, choose Tree Test from the list of blocks.
Type in your title and write a description.
Create your Tree Structure based on your site structure
You can view how the Tree Test will look on the right side of the draft maze page.

Tree Test

When to use a Tree test

When testing the usability of your navigational items
Validate ideas before designing
Building a foundation for the design that will lay on top of your site structure.

Tree testing can answer questions like:

Do my labels make sense?
Is my content grouped logically?
Can users find the information they want easily and quickly. If not, what's stopping them?

If designing from scratch, we recommend card sorting first, then tree testing.
A Tree test does not require a prototype
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