Recently, we made a change to our website architecture to make Maze faster. This change might have caused a cache issue for some of you, which results in a white page when you visit the website. Please use the guide below to fix it.

Fix the issue as shown below based on your browser type.

Chrome Browser

Visit and
Right click anywhere on the websites
Select Inspect from the dropdown menu
Click on Application in the upper menu
Select Clear Site Data
Refresh the Maze website.

Please note you'll need to follow these instructions while visiting and

How-to GIF

Clear Site Data on Chrome browsers

Firefox Browser

Visit about:debugging#workers (copy & paste this in your browser)
Under Service Workers unregister both service workers related to and
Visit to see the issue fixed

How-to GIF

Unregister Service Workers in Firefox Browser

We are sorry for the inconvenience this has caused, but you'll only need to do this once and you'll enjoy a much faster Maze after that!
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