When testers finished testing your live maze, it's time to analyze results. Use this guide to learn how to read your results.

You can find the results of a maze on the live maze page inside your project.

Tip! Refresh the live maze page to get the latest results of your maze.

Maze gives you results for (1) each block and (2) each tester who took your maze. You can find the results of every block under the tab Results and the results from each tester under Testers.

Mission results

For every mission in your maze, Maze gives you results at the path, tester and screen level.

Paths taken by testers are aggregated based on the mission outcome:

Direct Success: testers who completed the mission via the expected path(s)
Indirect Success: testers who completed the mission via unexpected path(s), but still reached the final screen
Give up / Bounce: testers who didn't complete the mission because they left or gave up

Paths aggregated by mission outcome

When clicking on an aggregated path, you can see combined click heatmaps from the testers who took that path.

View click heatmaps for the path of each tester in Tester paths.

Tip! To navigate between heatmaps use the ↔️↕️ arrows on your keyboard.

Questions results

For Multiple Choice, Opinion Scale and Yes/No questions, you can view aggregated results and individual responses.

For Open Questions, you can read individual replies to your question. To choose which quote you want to include in your maze report, click on the star near the answer.


You can view results from each tester who took your maze from the beginning until the end of their session. This helps you understand what someone did and associate mission results with question answers.

Results from each tester

Maze automatically records general metadata for each tester: browser type and version, language, etc.
You can record custom metadata for every tester by attaching tags to your maze URL. Read more here. General and custom metadata is available on hover under +more.

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