When your testers have finished testing your Maze, it's time to analyze results. Here's a quick guide on reading the results dashboard.

Find the accumulated results of each Maze by clicking on a Live Maze inside a project.

The Dashboard can be read in three ways: (1) Aggregated, (2) Sessions, and (3) Screens.

Aggregated View

Aggregated view of the dashboard

In this view, all testing results are combined based on the paths taken by the testers. You are able to view high-level analytics for every mission: number of testers and direct success rate.

High-level analytics for each mission

Next, you'll see the paths taken by testers aggregated together based on the selected mission outcome criteria:

Direct Success: testers that completed the mission via the expected path.
Indirect Success: testers that completed the mission via another path than the expected one.
Give-up / Bounce: testers that didn't complete the mission (left or pressed the "give up" button).

For each type of mission outcome, you can also see the number and equivalent percentage of testers with that mission outcome.

Testers aggregated by mission outcome

By clicking on each type of mission outcome, you will be able to view testers aggregated by the path they took with the average duration it took for this mission to be completed via this path, the misclick rate and the corresponding screens with heatmaps.

Testers aggregated by their path

By clicking on a tester’s path, you can see the click heatmap for each screen on that path.

See heatmap for each screen

Sessions View

Sessions view of the dashboard

In this view, testing results are displayed for each individual session. You can view the following data for every session:

ID: the order of the tester when completing the mission
Tested at: the time of completion
Success: the result of the mission (Direct, Give Up / Bounce, Indirect)
Duration: the time it took to complete the mission
Misclicks: the total number of clicks outside hotspots in the mission made by the tester
Misclick's pages: the number of the pages where misclicks occured
Tester's path: the path the tester took to complete the mission and the heatmap for each screen
More: other data regarding general (Browser, OS, Language) and custom (Name, Last Name etc.) metadata

If you want to know how to record custom metadata for individual sessions, read our article on adding parameters to your Maze's URL.

By clicking on an individual session, you will be able to see the click heatmaps for each screen in that session.

See heatmap for individual sessions

Screens View

Screens view of the dashboard

The Screens tab displays all screens in a mission independent of the path taken by testers. When you click on a screen, you'll get the click heatmap for that screen.

On a click heatmap you can:

Filter the testers and clicks you want to see
Create click areas to view the number of clicks, misclicks, and clicks' order for every tester
Switch between the Heatmap, Clicks, and Image view and save images of them

Switch between Heatmap, Clicks, and Image

Review feedback

Feedback left by testers at the end of the Maze can be reviewed in the left section of the dashboard.

Feedback left by participants at the end of their test

To access the raw data from a Maze, download a CSV of the testing results.
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