The Welcome Screen is the first screen your participants will see when they start testing your maze. It’s a great place to make a good first impression, explain who you are, and more.

Every maze includes a Welcome Screen by default. The Welcome Screen shares a welcome message with your testers to introduce them to the test.

Default Welcome Screen. You can customize the left side of the screen

You can customize your Welcome Screen if you’re on a Team or Enterprise plan.

Here’s what you can change:

Title: write a short introductory message
Message: write a longer text message for your testers
Image: upload your logo or another image

How to customize the Welcome Screen

Open the draft maze you want to edit. On the left side panel, click on Welcome Screen.
Click the Customize screen toggle to edit the Welcome Screen.
Edit the title and description, and upload your logo or image.
You can preview how the Welcome Screen will look on the right side of your maze draft page.

If you’ll be testing with Maze in another language, your custom welcome message will not be translated automatically.

Customize welcome screen
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