Maze allows you to conduct user testing with the prototypes you already created. For instructions on how to import prototypes, click here.

Issue: I can't find a screen in my prototype

The process for importing a prototype from Figma, InVision, Marvel, and Sketch are fairly similar. Generate a share link at the prototype level, copy and paste that in Maze, and start testing.

Most issues occur when creating the share link in the prototype tool. If you're missing screens after importing a prototype to Maze, the first thing to check is your prototyping tool.

Follow the instructions below to import all screens to Maze if you used InVision to create your prototype.

Importing an InVision prototype

When creating a share link from InVision, be sure to follow the instructions here to import your prototype to Maze.

If you're selecting screens to import to Maze, be sure to 'Select All' before generating a share link to ensure all screens are imported correctly.

Select All Screens

Please note, InVision Studio prototypes are not yet supported but it's on our roadmap.

Desktop, tablet, or mobile prototypes

Maze allows you to conduct user testing on each type of prototype: desktop, tablet, or mobile—all prototypes are supported.
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