Important! The last screen of a path shouldn't be reused during any path.

When the last screen of a path is reused in a path, you'll get a message to remove the screen from the path or change your last screen.

Why can't I reuse the last screen in a path?

If you include the last screen in your path, your results will be skewed. The path you set is used to measure the Direct and Indirect Success metrics in Maze.

A mission is considered complete once a user reaches the last screen of a path. If the last screen is reused in any path, it will be considered Indirect Success because the user reached the last screen even though they didn't arrive at the end of the path.

To break this down further:
If your path is A —> B —> C, the mission will be complete once the user reaches C.


Now, if your path is set to A —> B —> C —> B, the mission will stop as soon as the tester reaches the first “B” screen.

As we can see here, the end screen is reached on the second step of this flow rather than the fourth and final step. This would mark the test as complete with an indirect success result because the tester reached the end screen but not by the set path.

What should I do?

You should make sure the last screen isn't included in any path. If you get an Invalid path message, here's what you should do:

Remove the highlighted screens from the invalid path or
Change the last screen of one of the paths.

Read more about how to set the expected path in a mission.
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